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Department of Laser Technologies

In this folder general information about CPST and it's departments is stored and managed.

Head of department: dr. Gediminas Račiukaitis

Web site: http://www.fi.lt/ttl/

Starting from simple laser microprocessing experiments in 2004, activities of the Department of Laser Technologies now cover nanophotonics, laser science and applications including modeling of nanophotonic structures, development of optical components for lasers, new design of fiber and solid-state based lasers and their application in the precise material processing. Our research focuses on complex dielectric coatings and high-pulse-energy fiber lasers and amplifiers. The pulse energy is scaled up using nonlinear wavelength conversion and beam combining through nonlinear processes. Novel diode-pumped mode-locking or Q-switched solid state lasers with high mean power are under development along with specialized lasers for applications in material processing. Research of new interactions between the laser radiation with materials is carried out in order to develop and implement the laser microfabrication technologies for modification of diverse materials, including metals, semiconductors, transparent medias as well as thin-films for solar cells. Activities in nanophotonics cover modeling, design and characterization of nanophotonic structures, waveguide and metamaterials for light control at nanoscale.

We offer service on:

  • Development and implementation of laser technologies for surface and intra-volume marking, microfabrication, modification, scribing, dicing, cutting and drilling using ultra-short pulsed lasers.
  • Development of specialized solid-state and fiber lasers.
  • Design and small-batch fabrication of dielectric optical coatings for diverse photonics applications.
  • Modeling of light propagation in waveguides and photonic-crystal structures and the structures themselves.