Investigation of plastics and rubber recycling into composite materials and their degradation

Items of multilayer plastics or rubber might have high added value, but often no methods are available to recycle them into secondary raw materials. A promising strategy is based on encapsulated enzymes, which are introduced into polyurethane adhesives to bind the films into multilayers. Adhesives are developed from raw materials, which are suitable for enzymatic degradation, frequently utilizing renewable resources. Nevertheless, resistance to oxidation, hydrolysis and thermal cycling must be sufficient. Such adhesives are also used to develop composites from pre-processed rubber and tire waste. Established relationships will be applied to methods of waste processing or recycling mechanisms and used to develop innovative products. Opportunity to join Horizon 2020 project TERMINUS (814400) and research of foreign partners might be available. Knowledge of general chemistry, biochemistry and polymer chemistry in particular would be beneficial.
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