Synthesis and application of efficient catalysts for the oxidation reaction of alcohols

Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to improving the materials used in fuel cells and incresing the efficiency and environmental friendliness in order to reduce the use of natural resources and environmental pollution. However, the high cost of catalyst used in various anodic and cathodic rectionsof fuel cells as well as their poor efficiencies and stabilities are their major obstacles in the commercialization  of fuel cells. Therefore, the search for new materials and technological solutions is necessary in order to create high-quality and electrocatalytically effective materials for  promising, well-functioning and environmentally friendly fuel cells.
Nanostuctured materials are one of the most widely studied substances that determine the exellent functioning of fuel cells, and it is therefore important to develop selective or universal materials that are active in electrochemical reactions such as alcohol oxidation.
The aim of the doctoral studies is the formation of novel nanostructured materilas, their characterization and investigation of electrocatalytic properties for the oxidation reactions of alcohols.
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