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7th Conference of Ph Students and Young Researchers

Doctoral students of physics, chemistry, material engineering as well as electrical and electronic engineering of the Center for Physical Science and Technology (FTMC) introduced their current research, data obtained and possibilities of putting their science into practice at the 7th Conference of Ph Students and Young Researchers FizTech2017.
This year Conference was distinguished for its special session devoted to the meeting of the Ph students with the Director of FTMC Gintaras Valušis. During this meeting young researchers had a chance of discussing issues of interest and particular concern.
The best presentation awards at the FizTech2017 Conference were given to:

  1. Evelina Pozingytė. Investigation of photoluminescence of annealed GaAsBi/AlAs quantum wells
  2. Ieva Beleckaitė. Investigation of laser-induced periodic surface structures on GaAs substates by the THz pulse emission methods
  3. Algimantas Kostas Sabulis. Installation of the feedback algorithm in Gadget-3
  4. Julija Pauraitė. Studies of temperature stress on trees by the aerosol mass spectrometry method
  5. Toma Petrulionienė. Studies of specific migration from polypropylene using gas chromatography
  6. Rokas Žalnėravičius. Synthesis, characterization and studies of anti-microbial properties of superparamagnetic cobalt ferrite nanoparticles

FizTech2017 Conference social events:
A table tennis tournament took place in the evening , which was won by  Domas Jokubauskis , a FTMC Ph student.
The punk rock band “Padugnėsgave a free concert for the participants of the FizTech2017 Conference.
The organizers of the 7th Conference of Ph Students and Young Researchers FizTech2017 were:

  • Mažena Mackoit Sinkevičienė
  • Monika Kirsnytė
  • Vladimir Abdulajev