Nuclear Gamma Resonance Laboratory

Head of laboratory habil. dr. Dalis Baltrūnas
tel. +370 68636877
The activity of the NGR laboratory is concentrated on the three main areas: application of the cumulated knowledge in the field of the radioactive waste management (particiption in the FP7 project RECOSY in 2008-2012, grant number 212287, and in 2016-2017 Project 2200-U12 JOPRAD, also in different projects, concerning radioactive waste management in Ignalina NPP); mechano-chemical syntesis and investigation of their magnetic properties of the iron-containing nanoparticles which could be applied in the biomedicine; investigation of the magnetic properties, phase composition, phase transions in some iron-containing nanomaterials, which find practical applications – superionics, ferroelectrics and multiferroic composites, catalysts, based on carbon nanotubes.