Assessment of Natural clay and Graphene composite properties for their application in engineering barriers for environmental protection

Nowadays, waste management and related problems are relevant. Technologies based on the use of natural local clay or other minerals are cost-effective, highly reliable and, therefore, most widely used in protective barriers. However, not all natural clays meet the requirements for materials used in waste management technologies. The natural resources of natural clay, enriched with smectite minerals, are available in many countries around the world and can potentially be used in waste disposal technologies after appropriate processing. Currently, there has been a breakthrough in the use of new materials to protect the environment from toxic materials. The objectives of the work are the modification of natural clay and the assessment of its possible use in waste management technologies for the protection of nature. Natural and modified clay minerals as well as synthetic graphene composites will be characterized and experiments will be conducted to assess the ability of these materials to absorb radionuclides and heavy metals. The results obtained will allow the use of the materials in waste management technologies.
For more information, please contact the theme supervisor G. Lujanienė.

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