Bioelectric Phenomena Laboratory

Phone:  +370 5 2619532  
Activities of the Laboratory:

1. Investigations of the influence  of electric, magnetic pulses and microwaves on micro-organisms, cancer and other biological cells:
  • Electroporation studies of yeast; electro-pasteurization studies of food and non-food products; algae electrostimulation and electroextraction studies; investigation of the electroporation mechanisms of eukaryotic cells;
2. Biomolecular and Organic Polymer Technology:
  • Biogenic Synthesis of Organic Polymers (OP) and Material Science of OP; Modification of OP by biomolecules; Sensors and biosensor research; structural conversion and application of organic polymers; application of microfluidic technology in organic polymer biomimicry.
  • Interaction studies in vitro of biomolecules; interaction studies of recombinant biomolecules on the surface of mammalian and yeast cells.
3. Applied research and application of electroporation technology in industry; applied sensor research.

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