Bioelectrics Laboratory

Phone:  +370 5 2619532
We are a young and interdisciplinary group of scientists investigating pulsed electric field effects on intracellular signaling and biological nanostructures (cell walls, plasma membrane) to develop innovative technologies and prototypes for modern food processing and healthcare.
The main activities:
To study the effect of electrical pulses on the plasma membrane permeability of cells (bacteria, yeast, algae as well as mammalian): a) to study the effect of plasma membrane permeability on the viability of wall-containing microorganisms; (b) to study the link between plasma membrane and cell-wall permeabilization and to search for selective test methods for this purpose; c) to investigate the mechanism of recovery of the permeabilized wall; (d) to develop and implement of electroporation-based technologies for the control of harmful micro-organisms;
To study the effect of short (nanosecond) electrical pulses on intracellular signals: a) to study the effect of plasma membrane permeability on the programmable death (apoptosis) of wall-containing microorganisms; (b) to investigate the mechanism of apoptosis of microorganisms induced by electrical and magnetic pulses; (c) to engineer gene expression promotors for controlled induction by electrical pulses;
To investigate the effect of abiotic factors such as light, temperature and electric field on cellular signals: a) to investigate the effects of nanostructured surfaces on thermal- and opto-permeabilization of cells; (b) to investigate cryoprotection mechanisms for cells and tissue; (c) to develop and apply new optically transparent polymeric materials for photodynamic therapy; d) to develop organ-on-a-chip devices to investigate electrically induced intercellular signals.
Discover the technology we develop in a fun way:
Head of Laboratory: Dr. Arūnas Stirkė 
Dr. Wanessa De Cassia Martins Antunes De Melo 
Dr. Povilas Šimonis 
Dr. Monika Kirsnytė 
Dr. Raimonda Celiešiūtė-Germanienė 
Dr. Antanas Strakšys 
PhD Students
Nargis Sardar 
Kamilė Jonynaitė 
Ahmed Mohamed Taha Abdelhamid Alfa 
Neringa Bakutė 
Ernesta Pocevičiūtė 
Greta Gančytė