Department of Technological Development of Textile

Head of department dr. Laimutė Stygienė  
phone +370 37 308666

dr. Laimutė Stygienė

The areas of activity of the department are as follows: the investigation of manufacturing processes of textile materials, design and construction of clothing systems, development of prototypes of textile materials and products, manufacturing of pilot batches, performance of their final trial and commercialization of the results of scientific research.
The department provides such services as creating innovative technological solutions and manufacturing of prototypes and pilot batches ordered by economic entities. The major part of R&D and services performed by the department are intended to satisfy the needs of the Lithuanian army. The prototypes, developed and tested, are intended for the Lithuanian Navy, Land, Special Operations and other forces: textile materials which ensure thermophysiological comfort, protection and necessary camouflage properties for soldiers under various conditions, (multi)functional military clothing, protective body armor, etc. 


Services available
  • Preparation of manufacturing technology, development of prototypes and production of pilot batches of woven and knitted fabrics with various functional properties;
  • Development and manufacturing of professional and protective clothing prototypes from materials with functional properties;
  • Manufacturing of pilot batches of clothing from materials with various functional properties.

Circular knitting machines (class: 16E – 28E)
Manufacturing of weft-knitted fabric of different structures




Dornier rapier weaving machine
Manufacturing of woven fabric of different structures



Dornier HTV8/S


Seam sealing machine ARDMEL MK-901 (Ardmel Group Ltd., England)
Seam sealing of garments applying tapes

Ardmel MK901



Ultrasonic welding machine PFAFF 8310 (PFAFF Industriesysteme und Maschinen GmbH, Germany)
Ultrasonic welding of garment parts

Pfaff 1



Various sewing machines Brother (Brother Industries, Ltd., Japan)
Sewing  garments using different types of seams 


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  2. Varnaitė-Žuravliova, S., Sankauskaitė, A., Stygienė, L., Krauledas, S., Bekampienė, P., & Milčienė, I. (2016). The investigation of barrier and comfort properties of multifunctional coated conductive knitted fabrics. Journal of Industrial Textiles, 45(4), 585-610.
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