Metal electrochemistry laboratory

Head of laboratory: dr. Jurga Juodkazytė
phone +370 5 2649771

The main area of R&D activities is development of functional coatings and metal surface modification technologies, which provide surfaces with exceptional properties (anticorrosive, photo/electrocatalytic, magnetic, mechanical, etc.). The most important directions of fundamental and applied research performed in the laboratory are as follows:

  • Formation of metal, metal alloys and various semiconductor layers on metal substrate as solar energy conversion materials, investigation of photoelectrochemical processes
  • Material science of metal degradation processes
  • Metal surface modification
  • Precious metal plating, analysis and recovery

 Services available:

  • Electrodeposition of metallic coatings such as zinc, copper, nickel, chromium, gold, palladium, rhodium, platinum and their alloys
  • Expert assessment of quality of electroplated coatings, chemical analysis of metals, recovery of noble metals
  • Design and introduction of new electroplating technological processes
  • Formation of conductive transparent semiconductor layers (SnO2, F:SnO2 (FTO), Fe2O3, CuxO) using spray pyrolysis and sol-gel techniques
  • Development of dimensionally stable electrodes based on chemically stable oxide materials
Consulting on theoretical electrochemistry and practical metal corrosion – related issues