Microwave Laboratory

Head of the laboratory doc., habil. dr. Žilvinas Andrius Kancleris
phone +370 5 2619808

Mission: to gain new knowledge and improve researchers' skills and expertise in the field of modern technologies arising from different sciences such as electromagnetism, high frequency technologies, semiconductor physics and solid state physics by investigating the interaction of electromagnetic waves with various objects and applying this knowledge in practice.
Objective: development and application of high-frequency technologies for investigating electromagnetic interaction and impact on various objects.

  • development of high-power microwave impulse sensors with predictable properties, expanding their frequency range, and using other physical effects to record such signals.
  • Investigation of the impact of a strong pulsed microwave electric field on various objects.
  • Simulation and investigation of electromagnetic wave interactions with various objects
  • Investigation of electromagnetic wave propagation in the atmosphere in Lithuanian climate conditions.

Available services:

  • Lease of anechoic chamber (8,5 × 4,6 × 3,8 m, from 800 MHz to 20 GHz)
  • Influence of high power microwave pulses to various objects
  • Emission measurements of electronic equipment and its' susceptibility to high power microwave radiation.
  • Measurements of antenna parameters: gain, directivity, etc.
  • Measurements of various materials properties: permittivity, shielding effectiveness, absorption, etc.
  • Simulation of microwave propagation in various media and interaction with DUT.
  • Modeling of microwave and terahertz electronic components properties.
  • Development of high power microwave sensors.