Elektromagnetinio atsako anglies nanodariniuose modeliavimas

N 002 Fizika / Physics
dr. Mikhail Shuba 

LT - Elektromagnetinio atsako anglies nanodariniuose modeliavimas

Žr. aprašymą anglų kalba. 

EN - Modelling of the electromagnetic response of carbon based nanostructures

Basic information about electromagnetic parameters of carbon nanostructures, including carbon nanotubes and nanoflacks, can be obtained mainly from spectroscopic measurements on either composite media or ensembles comprising those nanostructures. In these materials, a modification of the electromagnetic response due to electron tunneling transport between neighboring nanoparticles plays important role and should be taken into account. The main aim of the proposed research is to bridge the gap between microscopic parameters of carbon-based nanostructures (caused by quantum mechanical tunneling and finite size effects) and macroscopic parameters of their composite media (determined by optical and electromagnetic measurements). In the frame of the work, the theory of electromagnetic wave interaction with an array and a network of carbon nanostructures will be developed. The theory will be applied to interpret experimental electromagnetic data collected and to predict novel and useful microwave and terahertz properties of carbon-based composite media.