Nanostructured Materials and Sensors Laboratory

Head: prof., dr. Voitech Stankevič  
Phone: +370 5 2617546 
Laboratory activities
Laboratory activities are:

1. Development of the theory, experiment and new  technologies in these areas:
  • development of manufacturing techniques and experimental studies of materials with strong electron correlation
  • investigation of  materials in strong magnetic and electric fields
  • analysis of biological objects influenced by  strong magnetic and electric fields
  • design and experimental studies of  sensors (magnetic field, electric current, concentration of materials, etc.)
  • design and experimental studies of protection devices against electromagnetic pulse
  • commercialization, market research, marketing and feasibility analysis of power electronics devices
  • design and experimental studies of electromagnetic launchers.
2. To carry out planned (budgetary) research topics, Agency of science, innovation and technology (MITA) and international programs funded projects and other research&development  contracts and orders;
3. Development of  the  contacts with Lithuanian and foreign scientific and technological centers or directly under the EU's research activities programs, connect to existing programs and projects or initiating new programs and projects.
4. To participate in educate of scientists relief (for graduate and doctoral students).