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2018. 03. 18

"Open Readings 2018": scientific journey a science enthusiast cannot miss

International conference "Open Readings 2018", which takes place in Vilnius, Lithuania on 20-23rd of March, strikes again with 4 days of thrilling sessions on extensive range of topics, social events and world-class lectures.

You can be a part of it either by presenting your research or enjoying overwhelming lectures!

Participation is free of charge. All science enthusiasts are welcome!

Invited speakers:

Audrius Alkauskas (Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania)
Roel Baets (Ghent University, Belgium)
Julija Krupič (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Andrea Alu (University of Texas at Austin, USA)
Andrius Baltuška (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
Peter Uhd Jepsen (Technical university of Denmark, Denmark)
Richard B. Hoover (NASA, USA)
Rasuolė Lukošė (Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania)

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