Optoelectronic Systems Characterisation Laboratory

Head of the laboratory  dr. Linas MinkevičiusFTMC dr. Linas Minkevičius
phone. +370 5 2312418

The laboratory performs: 

  • Continues wave collimated laser beam (beam diameter up to  6 mm) calibrated average power measurements. Measurements are performed in the spectral range of 0.19 µm - 11 µm and in the average power range of 40 µW - 3 W. 
  • High-end bench to test visible and IR cameras

Measurements are performed using the HGH Inrared Systems, IRCOL300 / 1500 system, which projects an optical field with an extremely uniform distribution. The optical field is created using an optical imaging system with an absolutely black body source and a VIS / SWIR integrating sphere source. Optical radiation sources (absolute black body source, VIS / SWIR integrating sphere source) are calibrated using a standard available from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 

List of tests to qualify a detector or camera: 

Detector and radiometric tests:

1. SiTF (Signal Tranfer Function)

2. Noise

-TN (Temporal Noise)

-FPN (Fixed Pattern Noise)

-3D noise

-Temporal NPSD and Spatial NPSD (Noise Power Spectral Density)

2. NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference)

3. NEP/NEI/NER (Power, irradiance, Radiance)

4. NUC (Non Uniformity Correction)

5. BP (Bad Pixels)

6. AGC latency and spatial latency

Optics quality tests:

1. LSF/MTF (Line Spread Function/ Modulation Transfer Function)

3. FOV (Field Of View)

4. Distorsion

5. MRTD (Minimum Resolvable TemperatureDifference)

Versatile capabilities

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