Optoelectronic Technology Laboratory

Head of the laboratory  dr. Vaidas Pačebutas
phone +370 5 2627469

The activity of Optoelectronics technology laboratory covers the development of molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) technologies, development of optoelectronic devices, gathering new knowledge, and improvement of level of expertise of the Laboratory stuff.

The main tasks:

  • Investigation of growth conditions of layers and quantum structures of bismides including GaAsBi, InGaAsBi, InAsBi and other A3B5 compounds, optimization of physical parameters convenient for optoelectronic devices fabrication.
  • Complex investigations of physical properties to empower the relation with technological conditions, development of investigation methods.
  • The development, optimization and manufacturing of new optoelectronic devices such as terahertz emitters and detectors, UTC diodes, semiconductor LED’s and lasers for infrared region.