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Starting at Sunrise

It was a versatile start in a new geographical place at Saulėtekis (Sunrise) valley. The year 2016th completed our movement into contemporary building decorated by graphene-shaped windows and equipped with new facilities containing modern technological infrastructure. This change required nearly 10 years of thorough preparation: starting from definitions of scientific trends, evaluation of scientific resources and considerations on technological backgrounds; continuation with writings of feasibility studies and investment projects and, finally, careful installation of the newest equipment, precise accommodation of all technical services and building a managing system in a smart new environment of the National Centre for Physical and Technological Sciences.  The official opening date is the 15th March 2016.
President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė, the Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius, and Jose Angel Gurria, General Secretary of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), have started the opening ceremony with their welcoming speeches. Delegations of the European Commission, CERN, MPs, and Ministers of the Republic of Lithuania, Diplomatic Corps, City Mayors and many other honorable guests have joined this exciting celebration.
The 15th March 2016 marks an important milestone in evolution of our Center. Moreover, it opens a novel avenue for Lithuanian science and technology providing qualitatively new facilities to create progressive synergies between the institutions situated in the neighbourhood, first of all, Vilnius University and Vilnius Gediminas’ Technical University.
We are deeply convinced that modern technological facilities currently available at the Center will accelerate the quality of science and innovations, expand the scientific research for the development of high-tech business and encourage the birth of an advanced generation in high-tech industry.
We have new facilities, hence, we need creative, efficient and stimulating style of activities. We should proceed further as a promoter of bridging applied research and high-tech business via international and national projects, patents, licensing and comprehensive know-how based on our scientific experience.
We need international atmosphere inside the Center. We need acceleration in international relations-based modern trails to innovations.  The Center is built on creative energy, inexhaustible enthusiasm and permanent drive of its people.
This Annual Report emphasizes the most interesting results obtained in science and technology, captures the breakthrough in projects and presents the numbers illustrating main achievements. The Report also features the essential events in the Center, shows the financial side of activities and last, but not least, highlights the Winners of the 2016th year and other people that allow us running strong in this interesting scientific journey.
Gintaras Valušis
Director of the Center