High-performance type-II superlattice detectors for mid-infrared applications

T 008 Medžiagų inžinerija / Materials Engineering
dr. Jan Devenson
EN - High-performance type-II superlattice detectors for mid-infrared applications  

This PhD study aims to investigate the design, growth, and characterization of high­performance Type-II superlattice detectors based on InAs/GaSb or InAs/InAsSb material systems for mid-infrared applications. The study will focus on optimizing the superlattice structures and material properties to achieve high quantum efficiency and low dark current in the desired detection wavelength range. The scientific novelty of the project lies in the development of high-performance Type-II superlattice detectors for mid-infrared detection, which can significantly improve sensitivity, response time, and operating temperature, enabling new capabilities in various application fields. 

LT - Aukšto našumo II-ojo tipo supergardelių detektoriai viduriniosios infraraudonosios spinduliuotės taikymams  

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