Textile surface modification, laminating and finishing laboratory

Head of the laboratory dr. Audronė Sankauskaitė
phone +370 37308669

The laboratory performs scientific research by applying energy saving and environmentally friendly nano-finishing technologies for textile materials. Research projects are carried out for the activation of textile material surface and initiation of chemical changes therein in low pressure non-polymer gas plasma treatment. The incorporation of micro- and nanostructures into various fiber content and construction textile materials is applied. Textile materials with (multi)functional properties (antimicrobial, flameproof, antistatic, resistant to surface wetting and soiling, electromagnetic shielding, etc.) are investigated using different polymer coating and lamination technologies. Scientists of the laboratory focus on smart textile development by doing research on textile with incorporated phase-changing materials, bio-ceramic additives, organic conductors and nanostructure carbon derivatives. The possibility of applying combined functional properties to textile materials is investigated.