FTMC Department of Organic Chemistry

Vaidas Pudzaitis disertacija-a12c86d6439c4cb22241048f9dda5dd4.jpg
2024. 01. 19 -
V. Pudžaitis, a chemist who studies the interaction of molecules with surfaces, is the new PhD
He tested SEIRAS method, which opens up new possibilities for scientists.
Audrius Sadaunykas FTMC-b9df12853a97fc146c30597c93f58c52.jpg
2023. 12. 21 -
A. Sadaunykas, who improved a popular chemical analytical method, defends his PhD
He succeeded in developing two prototypes of the module, which increased the sensitivity of the gas chromatographic system up...
Agne pr1-f888e25023aec54e71adf4971a99bf9f.jpg
2023. 11. 29 -
FTMC chemist A. Zdaniauskienė is the author of the best PhD thesis in 2022!
Another FTMC scientist, Dr. E. Dudutienė, is also in the top five.

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