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2024. 09. 15 -

Host a speaker from the USA: apply for the Baltic-American Dialogue Program

The Baltic-American Dialogue Program, an initiative offered by the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation, provides funding to Baltic NGOs and public organizations to host American speakers for public lectures, workshops, trainings, and discussions. It's a great opportunity to foster transatlantic dialogue and strengthen democratic institutions.
The funds are intended to cover all logistics costs, including international flights, accommodation, meals and travel within the Baltic region. Programmes involving inter-institutional cooperation between the Baltic States and possible student participation are particularly encouraged.
Applications are open until 15 September 2024 for events planned between 1 January and 31 August 2025. The grant amount for a visit by an expert from the USA is up to $10,000. For more details and to apply, visit:
Why apply?

- Gain valuable insights from American experts in your field.
- Enhance your organization's impact and outreach.
- Build lasting connections between the Baltic States and the United States.

If you're eager to learn more about the Dialogue program and its application process, don't miss upcoming webinar on June 12th (Wednesday) ar 13:00 hrs!! Please register by filling out this form:
Registered participants will receive a link to join the webinar on Teams.
Read more about BAFF activities and the success story of FTMC scientist Dr. Arūnas Stirkė here
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