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2024. 06. 25 -

Canadian physicists on dark matter and neutrinos

On 25 June (Tuesday), 15:00, in room D401 (Saulėtekio al. 3, Vilnius), there will be a scientific seminar by particle physicists Prof. Joseph Bramante and Dr. Ingrida Semenec from Queen's University (Canada).

You are cordially invited to attend!

Abstracts of presentations:

Prof. J. Bramante: "Dark Matter at High and Low Mass Scales":
"There are a wide range of possibilities for what dark matter could be. A number of theories predict that dark matter is a very massive particle or composite state. I will survey recent developments, including composite dark matter that produces unique signatures in underground experiments and dark matter detectable through thermonuclear reactions in Antarctic ice. I will then talk about searching for lighter dark matter – specifically „dark photons“ – using a special quantum state of parahydrogen, prepared with counter-pulsed lasers."
Dr. I Semenec: "Geoneutrinos: Ghostly Journey from the Center of the Earth":
"Neutrinos are unique messengers of the universe, and geoneutrinos—electron antineutrinos from radioactive decays within the Earth—provide insights into our planet's composition. By measuring geoneutrino flux from the crust and mantle, we can estimate the abundance of heat-producing elements and their contribution to Earth's surface heat flux. This talk introduces neutrinos, detection methods, and recent geoneutrino measurements, shedding light on the Earth's interior."
Information from the organisers
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