Formation of 3D optical surfaces in transparent materials via laser milling technology

Number of reports have been shown by the laser microfabrication community demonstrating laser ablation for optical component processing. This research area is highly perspective since laser processing technology can be applied for complex 3D shape optical surface manufacturing.
The FTMC department of laser technologies have been extensively developing glass laser milling technologies. This is a uniųue technology able to mill 3D surfaces in transparent materials. One of the application for such technology could potentially be laser milling of complex 3D optical surfaces. However, the laser treated surface after milling is still too rough and such surface cannot be applied for optical applications due to high light scattering losses. For this, the purpose of particular PhD theses will be to study laser polishing mechanisms in order control the laser treated surface roughness and apply laser milling-polishing technology for complex 3D shape optical surface processing.
FTMC department of laser technologies has gained a lot of experience in transparent material processing field. The laser milling technology is fairly developed, there is all necessary eųuipment for the glass laser processing experiments (femtoseconds, picosecond and nanosecond lasers, laser processing setups, sample characterization eųuipment). The Phd thesis is meant to concentrate on the laser polishing technology. For this purpose, it is planned to use the CO2 and CW solid state lasers as well as other alternative methods like surface melting with gas torch.
For more information, please contact the theme supervisor P. Gečys