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Karolis Stasys Space Day-da8e53d3e11bfa0302b36203b272e6f7.jpg
2024. 05. 17 -
FTMC at the Vilnius Space Days 2024
We presented our work and opportunities in this field to potential partners.
Gustas Liaugminas-2535488b51a333b9f4a4c20d5c784f1d.jpg
2024. 05. 16 -
G. Liaugminas, a laser scientist working on fiber optics, is a new PhD
His research has led him to become more interested in quantum communication - and to continue his work in this direction.
LATIA ir FTMC-5c36314953923afff7f1aa819a5947f8.jpg
2024. 05. 15 -
Creating a new generation of eco-friendly textile: FTMC strengthens cooperation with the Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association
We will look for effective ways to produce a new generation of fabrics that are easier to recycle - or do not need to be...
Untitled design (48)-cb70ec48d0cbc4662861ec6e7f59bb20.png
2024. 05. 15 -
Laser for blood monitoring and the search for star clusters: young FTMC physicists have won Open Readings 2024
Engineer Aivaras Špokas and technician Erikas Cicėnas have been awarded for the best oral presentations.
2024. 05. 14 -
In memory of Prof. Audrius Alkauskas: former colleagues have published an article in the Journal of Applied Physics
His contribution to theoretical materials science and semiconductor physics remains extremely important.
Laser virselis-2d241a456a33dacea29b13f9817e2f70.jpg
2024. 05. 13 -
Lithuanian research on the cover of the prestigious journal Laser & Photonics Reviews!
FTMC physicists have theoretically calculated, fabricated and laboratory tested innovative optical lenses for terahertz imaging.
2024. 05. 08 -
FTMC continues scientific cooperation with the largest water management company in Lithuania
Together with scientific experts we discussed the process of producing methane from wastewater.
Pamela OR stand-62c3fec374cbeaf6584524e755621f6b.jpg
2024. 05. 03 -
FTMC PhD student P. Rivera on the chemistry of the future: we need to stop and rethink how to work more sustainably
The young researcher took part in a panel discussion at the Open Readings 2024 conference.
Jurgis Babonas-408f64cbc40d35765b04a3a30b1a230a.jpg
2024. 04. 29 -
In Memoriam. Gintautas Jurgis Babonas
We express our sincere condolences to Professor's family and colleagues.
Lina 2-eae9f4b0d64161edf9e1aef4f0320b54.jpg
2024. 04. 24 -
Laser scientist Dr. L. Grinevičiūtė, who chose the path of a researcher: there is always something new to discover in my work
The talented FTMC physicist shared her insights at the Open Readings 2024 International Student Conference.
FTMC delegation mini. jpg-22a45de08ee663824bf023d019a33017.jpg
2024. 04. 22 -
Vice President of a major French company visits FTMC
J. Kitchingman of Dassault Systèmes met with Lithuanian science, technology and industry leaders.
Call to Apply-no logos (2)-42c3ea1b7062a8f6c12e9fa421c2f91d.jpg
2024. 04. 16 -
A chance for global recognition: the Startup World Cup competition is launched
The winning startup will fly to Silicon Valley in October to compete for a USD 1 million investment!
Irina, Karolis ir Mantas-807e6bd92f501a7ab9e00cd9568f8f86.jpg
2024. 04. 12 -
FTMC innovation experts at the Three Seas Initiative event
They presented technologies and products developed at our Center for both civilian and military use.
2. Milda-537f85f6463a6d79486d00644e08d7c5.jpg
2024. 04. 11 -
Green hydrogen and solar energy: Lithuanian scientists pave the way for future technologies
FTMC chemist Dr. M. Petrulevičienė and her colleagues are testing new methods to produce hydrogen, the fuel of the future.
DZ00231_mokslininku_ir_kurybininku_komanda 1-8a355009cc32dedf349bd1e32011e2d8.jpg
2024. 03. 28 -
Clothes of the future: project of the FTMC Textile Technology Department nominated at an international innovation event
Our researchers, together with the renowned fashion designer Seržas Gandžumianas, have developed a collection of eco-friendly...
Branginame Laisvę (3) mini-0453fa035a15ad2d521b3b3f223209ca.jpg
2024. 03. 11 -
Symbols of Lithuania and Ukraine under the microscope: FTMC scientists support Ukrainian nation
The experiment has both a practical and, even more, a symbolic meaning.
Sutartis pagrindinis mini-9c73cc7e1496d7763f39fcd074aa16f5.jpg
2024. 03. 07 -
Water management company "Vilniaus vandenys" will help FTMC scientists develop technology to generate electricity from wastewater
By the end of this year, we hope to have a pilot model that can be implemented in our partners' water treatment systems.
2024. 03. 05 -
Recycled tires will be turned into eco-friendly acoustic plates
FTMC, VILNIUS TECH and business partners are successfully developing this innovation.
Zilvinas ir Egidijus-62021e4deeff114a6cc7877f1abd3ee7.jpg
2024. 03. 01 -
FTMC scientists took 1st and 3rd place in the Vilnius Higher Education Table Tennis Tournament!
Dr. Ž. Ežerinskis and Dr. E. Auksorius took part in such competitions for the first time.
Krosas 0-f2383e94a18d852fcf30b164be0c2aa3.jpg
2024. 02. 29 -
FTMC Winter Cross: three higher education institutions come together for the first time
Employees of FTMC, VU and VILNIUS TECH took part in the run.
AR mini-3f3429a25ebac2bac6a2d344072964fa.jpg
2024. 02. 23 -
FTMC Annual Report 2023 is now available
You will get to know all the scientific divisions of FTMC and the most important work they do!
2024. 02. 22 -
K. Charniakova, who develops useful oxide coatings, to become a new PhD
The experiments have been successful, and have also produced unexpected results.
rdackus_dsc_1770 mini-f7f05dcb86609559ff0cdab692d6932f.jpg
2024. 02. 16 -
Dr. I. Plikusienė receives the Presidential award for promoting Lithuania worldwide
She has been awarded the Medal of the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas.
Untitled design (24)-cf45912c8ad15affb57aa82f820b24dc.jpg
2024. 02. 16 -
Greetings on the occasion of Lithuanian State Restoration Day
We wish you flight of thought, inspiration and strength to go forward, overcoming all challenges.
Wanessa and Arūnas-929a34d05a02ff0cc128b9560b5a09cc.jpg
2024. 02. 08 -
A new treatment for chronic wounds: an international team of scientists will develop an injectable patch
Dr. W. Mello and Dr. A. Stirkė will represent Lithuania in this promising project.
2024. 01. 29 -
FTMC and South Korea's KITECH sign a Memorandum of Understanding
"Their experience, knowledge and, we hope, future joint projects will be very useful," says FTMC Director Prof. G. Valušis.
Cėpla FB 2-3447b216fc355968d33e7031c6db8a16.jpg
2024. 01. 26 -
Dr. V. Cėpla awarded for his merits in Kyokushin Karate
Our colleague is a multiple Lithuanian champion, World and European medallist.
Vaidas Pudzaitis disertacija-a12c86d6439c4cb22241048f9dda5dd4.jpg
2024. 01. 19 -
V. Pudžaitis, a chemist who studies the interaction of molecules with surfaces, is the new PhD
He tested SEIRAS method, which opens up new possibilities for scientists.
11 Karinė apranga-30ca55842420b71d00cb563f9074d8fb.jpg
2024. 01. 18 -
Shots echoing and future garments being made: a walk through the FTMC Department of Textile Technologies
Inventions developed by specialists can be useful not only to soldiers or workers, but to all of us.
Novikau Raman-4c2dfa4529b0c4676a8c1c545e43b607.jpg
2024. 01. 15 -
FTMC researchers' article is in the TOP1% of highly cited papers
Dr R. Novikau and Dr G. Lujanienė searched ways to protect the environment from radionuclides and heavy metals.
20220425_143057 mini-24d60c6d5d2106bd2aaeb824a91bf8da.jpg
2024. 01. 08 -
Lithuanian's paper in prestigious chemistry journal: glowing molecules that "search" for RNA structures were studied
Our physicist K. Maleckaitė-Mačiulė contributed to a team at Imperial College London.
2023. 12. 25 -
Christmas greetings from the Chair of the Scientific Board at FTMC
Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and good cheer, happiness and great achievements in 2024, wishes Dr. R. Pauliukaitė.
FTMC namelis-b1dcae2331da44ef9fe2f390c57fee9e.jpg
2023. 12. 25 -
Christmas greetings from the Director of FTMC
The 2023 FTMC laureates are also announced!
Vytautas Žutautas FB mini-c256f0b8cc7cff80883d92e0251e75c2.jpg
2023. 12. 22 -
V. Žutautas, who is developing pH and herbicide sensors, is the new PhD
Although the EU has already banned the use of the dangerous chemical atrazine in agriculture, it can still be found in the...
Rokas Kondrotas (2) mini-a50a70d84735a218cdc79735c97055db.jpg
2023. 12. 22 -
The new material to boost the efficiency limits of silicon solar cells
The leading author of the study is Dr. Rokas Kondrotas, head of the Department of Characterisation of Materials Structure at FTMC.
Audrius Sadaunykas FTMC-b9df12853a97fc146c30597c93f58c52.jpg
2023. 12. 21 -
A. Sadaunykas, who improved a popular chemical analytical method, defends his PhD
He succeeded in developing two prototypes of the module, which increased the sensitivity of the gas chromatographic system up...
Tadas Paulauskas FTMC mini-80190f76eaf868a5c4757faff2b6df3d.jpg
2023. 12. 20 -
T. Paulauskas, the head of the Lithuanian Quantum Technologies Association: we want to create devices that help each one of us
What are the main goals of the Association? And what kind of technological breakthrough can we expect from Lithuanians?
2023. 12. 19 -
Chemist G. Gečė, who developes the next generation batteries, gets a PhD in Natural Sciences
Sodium-ion batteries are attracting increasing scientific and industrial interest.
Ahmed Taha 2-dc8c4448af734e94d274aa002acf374a.jpg
2023. 12. 05 -
A. Taha, who studies advanced food preservation technology, to become a new PhD
PEF is promising because it processes foodstuffs quickly, emits less carbon dioxide, and uses less energy.
Paulius Gaigalas PhD-879c089b3c4b3d85ddaefe33c3d895c0.jpg
2023. 12. 04 -
Contribution to green energy: a chemist, who extracts hydrogen, P. Gaigalas defends his PhD
Platinum is so far the best choice for water splitting. But this metal is rare and expensive, so scientists are looking for...
Agne pr1-f888e25023aec54e71adf4971a99bf9f.jpg
2023. 11. 29 -
FTMC chemist A. Zdaniauskienė is the author of the best PhD thesis in 2022!
Another FTMC scientist, Dr. E. Dudutienė, is also in the top five.
Danielius Lingis-59ca7ed8b827062a80f426a9cddcd2f1.jpg
2023. 11. 28 -
D. Lingis, who developed computer program to study particle scattering, is the new PhD
It will make it easier for scientists from Lithuania and abroad to study physical processes and test hypotheses.
2023. 11. 24 -
The Lithuanian Quantum Technologies Association is established
Dr. Tadas Paulauskas, a physicist at FTMC, became the head of the Association.
Ismanoji liemene FTMC-f41cb5055ed78239a692edc146edd602.jpg
2023. 11. 21 -
FTMC smart vest among the first inventions in Lithuania to receive European Unitary Patent
This is clothing designed for people who work in extreme conditions, such as heat or cold.
Karolis Stasys Expo-5d7b41c5804e81781f215676684c09a7.jpg
2023. 11. 16 -
FTMC participates in the international space technology exposition
Space Tech Expo Europe is the largest such event in Europe.
Sukovienė, Butkutė, Vaitkevičius, Dudutienė-96d359baa49e57e25ee4db77955c11db.jpg
2023. 11. 15 -
From cancer treatment to faster internet: quantum dots aimed to be used by Lithuanian scientists
This Nobel Prize-winning technology has high expectations in both chemistry and physics.
Open Readings intro-38c434a5da3cb141871bd600640747f3.jpg
2023. 11. 08 -
You can now register for the "Open Readings 2024" scientific conference!
Its participants actively exchange innovative ideas and the results of their latest carried out research.
Rodrigas Liudvinavicius-67e552699d32cc7e86deb02651f05927.jpg
2023. 11. 06 -
FTMC engineer receives award at Lithuanian National Physics Conference
Rodrigas Liudvinavičius is developing a technology that uses a laser to create "light-breaking" microbumps.
UK 1-04f0d71995c7eb542817c30781937c5e.jpg
2023. 10. 27 -
UK and FTMC researches discussed sustainability and science
Environmental research is an area where FTMC and the visiting British universities can find common ground.
Laboratorija 4 mini-c010c0d274d4adf8cfa4aaf7c1912956.jpg
2023. 10. 26 -
FTMC Mobile laboratory to study air pollution in a school
FTMC scientists will monitor the amount of microplastics and other polluting particles around children and teachers every day.
2023. 10. 23 -
A small sport celebration: the first FTMC Fall Cross Country took place!
In the chill afternoon, more than 90 of our staff from various scientific departments gathered and ran 1, 3, 5 and 10 km on...
2023. 10. 23 -
What was the surprise of the FizTeCh2023 PhD Students Conference?
Among the top ten presentation winners, half are from the Departments of Fundamental Research and Laser Technologies.
2023. 10. 19 -
Chemist R. Bogužaitė, who creates molecular "fingerprints", is the winner of the "X Factor" for Lithuanian scientists
Her presentation on molecular imprinting in sensors was gripping from the very first seconds.
2023. 10. 17 -
Scientific Conference FizTech2023 - a great opportunity to learn about the work of young FTMC researchers
50 PhD students will give oral presentations. The conference will be streamed live online.
Kasparas Kižys FTMC-6a3124cc701caff5bb28dfaeaa2bb2ae.jpg
2023. 10. 10 -
Domestic wastewater will light up our homes? Young Lithuanian scientists develop revolutionary technology
And their idea is starting to be taken seriously by more and more experts.
2023. 10. 09 -
V. M. Mačiulis, a chemist who studied coronavirus proteins, is the new PhD
His work benefits both science and the companies that produce COVID-19 rapid tests.
2023. 10. 03 -
A new tradition: FTMC Fall Cross Country Running in Aukštagiris Forest
A total of 90 colleagues have signed up to run 1, 3, 5 or 10 km.
1 Rusnė mini-517b88c1877be57d9c1499b255c27563.jpg
2023. 09. 29 -
R. Ivaškevičiūtė-Povilauskienė, who has presented world-class innovations in the field of terahertz, is the new PhD
Rusnė was looking for solutions to replace thick lenses with thin, flexible optical elements.
Vitaliy mini-905b14a9d3887f5597e4cba97158601a.jpg
2023. 09. 29 -
FTMC physicist who studied the radioactive pollution of the Baltic Sea and The Curionian Lagoon defends his PhD thesis
During the transport from the Neman river to the Curonian Lagoon, concentration of radionuclides increases more than ten times...
2023. 09. 26 -
Extreme Light Infrastructure announces the 3rd Joint ELI Call for Users
Scientists are invited to submit proposals for some of the first state-of-the-art experiments at the ELI Facilities
2023. 09. 25 -
Academy of Sciences of Albania visited FTMC
A cooperation agreement has been signed between the academies of sciences of this country and Lithuania.
Ramanas mini-d117b0a332781fd33de53d064272e6a8.jpg
2023. 09. 22 -
Chemist R. Novikau defends his PhD on trapping of hazardous materials released into the environment
Caesium, cobalt and europium can sometimes be harmful. However, new measures are being developed to prevent this.
Karolina sypso mini-d10997cc588d9e58e9556bd00b2e97c8.jpg
2023. 09. 22 -
K. Maleckaitė, a physicist who studied the glow of molecules, becomes a PhD
Karolina has contributed to the development of new microviscosity sensors that provide information about the health of a cell.
Kasparas MINI-87405c072a61e33157b4e4909b811ccc.jpg
2023. 09. 22 -
FTMC research team wins start-up competition at Life Sciences Baltics event
Congratulations to our colleagues, we are very proud of you!
2023. 09. 22 -
Two FTMC representatives among the winners of the Competition for the Young Scientist Scholarship
Physicist Dr. Paulius Mackonis and chemist Dr. Simonas Ramanavičius were recognised for their work.
Arunas Mini-bd6d5db615353a7d18fa50a10113d73b.jpg
2023. 09. 21 -
Artificial organs - the near future? FTMC researchers aim to bring it closer
Dr. Arūnas Stirkė presented a technology that is expected to be to a real breakthrough in medicine.
Rasa su kolegoms minis-2b26f7d4dcd3560a242059b09da93223.jpg
2023. 09. 21 -
Next-generation sensor development moves forward: technology unveiled at prestigious event
The joint team of FTMC and the start-up Innosensus promises great help for gluten intolerant consumers.
Kasparas pop-1cb213c765e0490745ee521c00f174bd.jpg
2023. 09. 20 -
FTMC researchers presenting artificial organ support at prestigious life sciences event
K. Kižys and his team are presenting a biocell technology under development that could revolutionize waste recycling and have...
2023. 09. 19 -
Representatives of the Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences visit FTMC
Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and the Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences signed the the Memorandum of Cooperation.
Lena mini-0dd4c48bc1888294553b3b23838fdfc1.jpg
2023. 09. 15 -
Physicist interested in black silicon L. Golubewa becomes the new PhD in Natural Sciences
Desired technology sounds like something out of science fiction - but science is moving towards it, and Lena is contributing to...
Simona Geles-de92cebfd25e5efb98bdeb81d6ef8c95.jpg
2023. 09. 08 -
S. Pūkienė, a physicist who develops sensors, becomes a PhD in Technological Sciences
How can gallium arsenide bismide serve science and society?
Kirilas 1-198b14648403c26a6213404ba68ad6c4.jpg
2023. 09. 07 -
Medical physicist K. Skovorodko defends his PhD thesis on ionizing radiation research
Nuclear medicine is a field that is gaining increasing importance worldwide.
FTMC076 (1)fff-88a14b0f1af5ed88c9fd43fb8617d265.jpg
2023. 09. 01 -
Congratulations on the Day of Science and Knowledge
"I wish you a creative and innovative season!" - says the Director of FTMC, Prof. Gintaras Valušis.
2023. 08. 31 -
Group Leader Position
The position comes with a fully equipped lab, several experienced staff members, access to service facilities, funds for PhD...
Adaptive Camouflage Fabric-d21fa80bdb8d1c62fe3a0bf574fa613e.png
2023. 08. 31 -
FTMC researchers to take part in a new international project funded by the European Defence Fund
The research under this project aims to improve existing technologies for the development of adaptive camouflage.
AMT-2023 Kernius Vilkevicius s-ca084d9e8855339eeaaa90833fe5d6a2.jpg
2023. 08. 30 -
FTMC poster presentations - the best at the Conference for the young scientists
Among the winners were 4 of our researchers - Kernius Vilkevičius, Aivaras Špokas, Kasparas Stanaitis and Jorūnas Dobilas.
Svajus A.v1 black-d27ebea35906e182bd7e0801e0cbef66.jpg
2023. 08. 25 -
A brilliant scientist who brought Western culture: colleagues' memories of Dr. Svajus Asadauskas
Today, 25 August, Dr. Svajus Asadauskas, a prominent chemist-engineer, would have turned 56.
2 Vytautas-e9f9170ef30e59952555257f197dee38.jpg
2023. 07. 27 -
PhD student has developed a sensor that promises a breakthrough in the food industry
Vytautas Žutautas never thought he would ever do chemistry in his life. But suddenly he discovered his own way in this field.
2023. 07. 18 -
When a surname becomes a scientific term: chaos control by Prof. K. Pyragas
He is the most cited Lithuanian researcher of all time, and the simple formula he developed was a real breakthrough.
2023. 07. 04 -
In Memoriam. Svajus Asadauskas (1967-2023)
It is with deep sadness that we announce the loss of one of Lithuania's best-known tribologists.
2023. 06. 20 -
Lithuanian and foreign students tackle environmental issues
Vilnius International Project Olympiad (VILIPO) took place on 12-15 May 2023 at FTMC.
Edvinas du-eb5b1cc036efd8f7b6504a893070de84.jpg
2023. 06. 16 -
Life sciences specialist E. Navakauskas defends his doctoral thesis
Diseases related to amyloid proteins have been studied for more than a hundred years, but we still haven't found a cure for...
1 Pasirašymas-c2bcce52b1e497b389c0e1a9e80f4912.jpg
2023. 06. 13 -
Lithuanian Armed Forces sign cooperation agreements with two Lithuanian research institutions
The parties are expected to work together on defence innovation.
2023. 06. 12 -
A new tool to control light: FTMC talent from India has developed a promising hybrid lens
One of the goals of researchers around the world is to see diffractive optics used in smartphones.
2023. 06. 09 -
Young scientists get married on the roof of the Faculty of Physics at Vilnius University
The newlyweds are FTMC PhD student K. Adomavičius and VU PhD student R. Urbonavičiūtė.
2023. 06. 02 -
FTMC team's invention is the 7000th in Lithuania
This "anniversary" is commemorated in a symbolic award.
Rokas Gea-22bea4a6bbb10f8ba2591e8ce9879871.jpg
2023. 05. 31 -
Physicist Rokas Gegevičius becomes a PhD in Natural Sciences
Perovskite crystals are being used to improve the next-generation solar cells - but there are problems with it.
2023. 05. 29 -
Thinner than a hair, as powerful as a laser: a new invention by FTMC physicists
PhD student Vladislovas Čižas talks about what Lithuanians were the first in the world to prove.
1 Ignas(1)-7cd53f49c5426adae0a6bedef44fc887.jpg
2023. 05. 24 -
Next-generation Thermal Terahertz Emission: how will science benefit from it?
Dr. Ignas Grigelionis talks about a new paper he and his colleagues published in an international journal.
5_Audrius ir Mazena-1b1fdb7b850d4e35a228e61e43b92a71.jpg
2023. 05. 17 -
Genius with a noble heart. In memory of Dr. Audrius Alkauskas
"Thank you for your support, thank you for your friendship," Dr. Mackoit-Sinkevičienė remembers her dear friend.
2023. 05. 17 -
Audrius Alkauskas is remembered by his colleagues and friends
As Dr. A. Alkauskas passed away, his colleagues and friends from Lithuania and abroad mourn the loss of our beloved scientist.
2023. 05. 16 -
Farewell to Audrius Alkauskas: full information (updated)
The visitation in memory of Dr. A. Alkauskas will take place at the Vilnius Funeral Home, 22 Olandų St., Hall 6.
pexels-tucă-bianca-360177 (1)a-ca0c9818bcde3f580d64b660993b99a8.jpg
2023. 05. 16 -
On a financial support for the relatives of Audrius Alkauskas
You can make a donation to the bank account of Audrius' brother Giedrius Alkauskas.
2023. 05. 15 -
Audrius Alkauskas, our physicist, passed away
We express our deepest sympathy to Audrius' relatives, friends, colleagues and all those who knew him.
2023. 05. 15 -
Dr. A. Baradokė, who took part in a business mission to Belgium: we found many common themes
The production of green chemistry using micro-organisms is a hot area for both Belgian and Lithuanian scientists.
2023. 05. 09 -
A team of FTMC scientists has created a metalens unique in Lithuania: what is its importance?
They have published an article in the high-level international journal Frontiers in Physics.
Untitled design (7)-3c3ed3f670ac6834ed4d27405dcc9df8.png
2023. 05. 05 -
Jevgenij Garankin becomes a PhD in Natural Sciences
J. Garankin, an engineer at the Department of Nuclear Research of FTMC, defends his thesis on neutron detectors.
Jonas Zm-d7ff8995569314b29a7856877fead8b3.jpg
2023. 05. 03 -
Prof. J. Žmuidzinas on the planned giant observatory: it will make it easier to search for distant planets
The TMT is supposed to be spectacular, but there are long-standing tentions between astronomers and the people of Hawaii.
2023. 04. 25 -
Admission to doctoral studies in 2023
Are you ready for a PhD?
2023. 04. 25 -
FTMC technician A. Černeckytė to win Best poster presentation award in Open Readings 2023
From the automotive industry to tattoo removal: about the research A. Černeckytė and her colleagues are carrying out.
1 Irmantas Kasalynas FTMC-49df49c4978a9f0f4725c54392c4cdc5.jpg
2023. 04. 20 -
Unique invention: FTMC scientists are the first in the world to patent an eco-friendly graphene cleaning method
The week before Easter is usually a busy one. However, I. Kašalynas and N. Alexeeva found the time to eat a celebration cake.
2023. 04. 07 -
Happy Easter!
Greetings from Prof. Gintaras Valušis, Director of FTMC.
2023. 04. 07 -
Dr. T. Paulauskas: we must move forward with quantum technologies
That was the key message delivered on 30 March in Brussels at the Northern Prospects of Quantum international event.
2023. 04. 06 -
Arctic has 'anomalous concentration' of radioactive particles, joint team of scientists says
FTMC scientists Ž. Ežerinskis, J. Šapolaitė and L. Bučinskas took part in a significant international research.
2023. 04. 04 -
Lithuania and Taiwan cooperation: helping develop the promising thin disk laser
Dr. Paulius Mackonis has shared important experience with the National Sun Yat-sen University of Taiwan.
Moments of Inertia atlikimas FTMC 2016-03-15-5088db0261399596a939ff955941d687.jpg
2023. 04. 03 -
Interesting facts about FTMC: the musical piece "Moments of Inertia"
Have you ever heard a piece of music dedicated to FTMC?
2023. 03. 30 -
Next generation lasers to fight cancer
The Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) workshop took place at FTMC.
2023. 03. 29 -
A family promoting quantum physics receives Lithuanian Academy of Sciences award
M. Mackoit-Sinkevičienė and J. Sinkevičius organised a rich series of events for the World Quantum Day in Lithuania.
20230313_134754(1) low-ba301d9cf87cb4f8d2910a82fb8d0fa4.jpg
2023. 03. 24 -
Green chemistry expert Dr. A. Baradokė: bringing natural phenomena into the laboratory
Bacteria, yeasts and algae are microorganisms that probably need no introduction. But some scientists are particularly...
P3211441 - Copy(1)-88840756beffdfc936ce009fe9b75296.jpg
2023. 03. 22 -
Lithuanian professor has published a book that is read worldwide
There are only a few monographs on silicon electrochemistry in the world and the last one was written 20 years ago.
Ieva Loreal 1 (1)-ed6fcaaff6c74af56520c431a85d6f4f.png
2023. 03. 21 -
Internationally acclaimed Dr. I. Plikusienė: we work to make life better for everyone
Over the past few years, Dr. Ieva Plikusienė has become a true rock star in Lithuania and abroad.
FTMC Annual Report 2022s-779b0e0758eba65e3d5a49b8f7c18d39.jpg
2023. 03. 17 -
FTMC Annual Report 2022 is now available online
"Scientifically, the year was thriving," says FTMC Director prof. Gintaras Valušis in his Message.
2023. 03. 16 -
Korean journalist to FTMC: our countries have many similarities
FTMC hosted a visit by Nayeong Kim, a South Korean journalist representing the country's oldest and third largest daily newspaper.
2023. 03. 13 -
K. Stašys, Innovation Manager at FTMC: our researchers still don't dare to set up new businesses
How can we transfer the knowledge and new technologies developed by scientists to society so that each of us can use them?
Dr. Simonas Ramanavičius (asmeninio archyvo nuotrauka)-17b9f83611952999bfef1565e55619f8.jpg
2023. 03. 09 -
Dr. S. Ramanavičius receives Polymers Journal award for the best PhD thesis in 2022
His work has been recognised on the development of new nanomaterials.
Gintaras Valušis-7f9df16e809b2fdbed17c66e260605b2.jpg
2023. 03. 03 -
Head of FTMC prof. G. Valušis: 'We have to go global'
FTMC had host its Annual Scientific Conference on 1-2 March, where its experts shared their research and discoveries.
2023. 01. 16 -
66th International science conference ‘Open Readings 2023‘
The registration closes on February 3rd, 2023.
2022. 03. 15 -
65th international conference ‘’Open Readings 2022’’
Conference will take place on 15-18th of March, 2022
2022. 03. 10 -
Marseille Declaration on International Cooperation in Research and Innovation
Full support and solidarity of the EU's R&I community towards Ukraine
2022. 02. 24 -
FTMC scientist wins the international competition "Dance Your PhD"
Dr. Povilas Šimonis became the overall and biology category winner
2022. 02. 01 -
PULSATE Adopters Open Call
Apply before 31st March 2022 for financial support of up to €25k EUR
FTMC dr. Evaldas Stankevicius s-89550ed74365ca050c7d3c05acedd6f1.jpg
2021. 04. 27 -
FTMC scientists have demonstrated the formation of gratings generating hybrid plasmonic modes using laser
Scientific publication in the prestigious journal Advanced Optical Materials
2021. 02. 07 -
Three joint initiatives will be funded under an internal Green Deal funding scheme
Exciting news from association of non-university research and technology organisations RTO Lithuania
2020. 12. 07 -
Lithuanian initiative – international COVID-19 research project supported by the United Kingdom
Experts from three countries evaluate the effectiveness of personal protective equipment against coronavirus
2019. 10. 24 -
Field of environmental science and climate change is a priority activity
October 24th is the International Climate Change Day
2019. 06. 17
Europe-wide photonics project gets thousands of girls in STEM
Thousands of young women and girls have had the chance to explore the world of science, engineering, and light technologies...
2019. 05. 31
Optics and Medicine - the future of treatment
Two-day Conference “PHOTONICS FOR HEALTH“
2019. 04. 30
Know us better - the latest Annual Report
Modern Paths to Innovations - Annual Report 2018
2019. 04. 04
3D printing opens up infinite possibilities
FTMC specializes in the production of metallic parts by applying laser technologies
2019. 01. 25
Jean-Eric Paquet, European Commission Director-General for Research and Innovation, visited the FTMC
Jean-Eric Paquet, European Commission Director-General for Research and Innovation, visited the FTMC
2019. 01. 24
Marzena Mackojć-Sinkevičienė: today there is still a lack of courage for girls
What is written, visible and audible in the media about us
2019. 01. 23
A unique device - against the non-healing wounds
Dr. Edita Voitechovič has returned to Lithuania and is determined to develop a new field of research
2019. 01. 16
Baltic Science Network: the Baltic Sea region is a science powerhouse
Baltic Science Network interviews young scientists working in the Sunrise Valley (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2018. 12. 05
FTMC innovations at the Life Sciences Exhibition „BioFit“
FTMC innovations at the Life Sciences Exhibition „BioFit“
2018. 12. 04
Thermo Fisher Scientific award
Martynas Skapas won an award in Thermo Fisher Scientific's Electron Microsope Image Contest in the category of TEM of 2018...
2018. 11. 27
Advanced laser scanning for highly-efficient ablation and ultrafast surface structuring
Advanced laser scanning for highly-efficient ablation and ultrafast surface structuring
2018. 11. 21
Competition for the position of the director of the SRI Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
Competition for the position of the director of the State Research Institute Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
2018. 11. 14
The International system of units is reformed
The kilogram and the three more main units of SI – the ampere, the kelvin, and the mole – will be redefined in terms of...
2018. 11. 13
R&D Cooperation Opportunities (online catalogue)
R&D Cooperation Opportunities (online catalogue)
2018. 10. 10
The International Conference on Photonics APROPOS 16
The International Conference on Photonics APROPOS 16 starts in Vilnius today
2018. 09. 18
On September 10-14, The International Conference ICPEPA-11
On September 10-14, The International Conference on Photo-Excited Processes and Applications, organized by the FTMC was hosted...
2018. 08. 24
FTMC was visited by Prime Minister S. Skvernelis
The honorable guest - Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis - visited the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology on Tuesday,...
2018. 05. 15
Guests from the United Arab Emirates have visited LITEK
On 10th May, 2018 a business delegation from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Yousif Eisa Hassan Eisa AlSabri, the Ambassador...
2018. 05. 15
Lithuanian hosted the Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry
Lithuanian hosted the 23rd Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry
2018. 03. 15
PhD studies themes in 2018
PhD studies themes in 2018
2018. 03. 01
G. Račiukaitis and K. Regelskis have received the Certificate of Patent
G. Račiukaitis and K. Regelskis have received the Certificate of Patent
2018. 02. 28
Lithuanian Academy of Sciences honors the FTMC researchers
The Presidium of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences has awarded its Prizes 2017. Among the laureates are the FTMC researchers...
2018. 02. 20
Young Researchers‘s Congratulations of Lithuania
Young Researchers‘s Congratulations on the Centennial of the Restoration of the State of Lithuania
2018. 02. 07
Congratulations Professor Leonas Valkūnas
Professor Leonas Valkūnas received Lithuanian Science Award 2017.
2017. 11. 06
Fiztech 2017
7th Conference of Ph Students and Young Researchers which will take place on October 24 – 25, 2017 in FTMC
2017. 06. 08
A visit of parliamentary delegation
On 7th of June , 2017 a large delegation of the Members of the Parliament (Seimas) of the Lithuanian Republic visited the...
2017. 05. 26
LAS has announced new full members
The General Assembly of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (LAS) on 25th April, 2017 announced the election of four full...
2017. 05. 17
TMF dialogue
TMF dialogue
2017. 05. 17
Meeting international
Meetings - Business Intelligence Report 05, May 2017