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2024. 05. 17 -

FTMC at the Vilnius Space Days 2024

FTMC Innovation Manager Karolis Stašys. Photo from Innovation Agency Lithuania Facebook account

On 15 May, the Lithuanian space industry event Vilnius Space Days 2024 took place. The conference, organised by the Innovation Agency Lithuania for the second year, brought together the country's space elite and well-known organisations from around the world to promote international partnerships.

Representatives of FTMC took part in the event and presented the Centrer's work and opportunities in this field to potential partners from Lithuania, the European Space Agency and Germany. What could it be? Optoelectronics, photonics, sustainable chemistry, smart textiles and nuclear research are all areas close to the space industry, which are also the focus of our R&D.

"The space industry is one of the priority areas where new technologies are being developed at a fast pace. This requires more and more scientific potential, which is what we aim to provide. Without good science, there will be no good technology," says Karolis Stašys, Innovation Manager at FTMC, speaking at the conference.

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