Innovations and Services


Cooperation Opportunities

The Center for Physical Sciences and Technology offers and welcomes other scientific institutions and business enterprises for cooperation in scientific research and technology development including small scale manufacturing for specialised products and prototypes. All these services are implamented through our open access facilities. 

The Center provides these main services:

  • Analytical investigations;
  • Foundry services;
  • Research and development;
  • Precise Equipment Manufacturing.

Center for Physical Sciences and Technology has their services stated in this  online catalogue

This catalogue is constantly updated with new services and products according to current industry needs. If you have additional needs which are not stated in the catalogue, feel free to contact our Innovation department for more information at: 

Also, the Centers open access facilities can be used for:

  • Rendering scientific research and technology development services;
  • Implementing joint business and science projects;
  • Employing equipment for training highly qualified specialists;
  • Making it possible for users having an appropriate qualification and technical background to carry out scientific investigations and/or experiments at laboratories by themselves.

Karolis Stašys

Innovation Manager / Inovacijų vadybininkas

Tel.: +370 629 85166