Optical Measurements and Investigations

Research & Development

  • FT-IR spectroscopy in vacuum
  • Determination of the absolute configuration of molecules (VCD)

Polymers and Chemistry

  • Identification of inorganic fillers in polymer composites in the far infrared region
  • Identification of inorganic minerals and pigments

Surface Analysis

  • Detection and characterization of thin and monolayers
  • Surface analysis combined with polarization modulation (PM-IRRAS)

Material Science

  • Characterization of optical and highly reflective materials (windows, mirrors)


  • Determination of oxygen and carbon contents in silicon wafers for quality control
Additional services:
  1. Transmittance measurements.
  2. Diffusion and mirror reflection spectra measurements.
  3. Low-temperature (3-300 K) modulation spectroscopy (photo-, electro-reflectance, lambda-modulation) and photoluminescence measurements.
  4. Determination of electron energy band gap.
  5. Determination of Varshni,  Arrhenius parameters.
  6. Evaluation of the optical yield/quality (emission intensity versus reference sample emission)
  7. finding of the characteristic spectral lines of the sample, which can be exploited for a particular application within UV-NIR spectral range.

Optoelectronic Systems Characterisation:



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