Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

FTMC microwave laboratory competences 

  • Microwave laboratory is carrying the research in microwave applications and electromagnetic compatibility. The available test facility is capable to carry on the experiments in frequency range from 300 MHz up to 100 GHz.
  • High quality anechoic chamber, equipped by ETS- Lindgren is of 8,5 × 4,6 × 3,8 m (l × w × h) dimensions working in 800 MHz -20 GHz frequency range.
  • It is fully compliant for immunity and pre-compliant for emission tests according to IEC EN 61000-4 standard requirements. 

MIL-461, IEC-EN-61000-4-3 standards 

  • High power pulsed microwave sources up to 100 kW in fixed frequencies enable to make immunity tests according to MIL-461 standard
  • Possibility to perform preliminary tests of the product during its development phase and, in consultation with laboratory experts, to design the product so that it can subsequently pass costly tests in certified laboratories in accordance with IEC-EN-61000-4-3. 

FTMC microwave laboratory services

  • Lease of anechoic chamber (8,5 × 4,6 × 3,8 m, from 800 MHz to 20 GHz)
  • Influence of high power microwave pulses to various objects
  • Preliminary immunity and emission product tests
  • Immunity tests to high power radiation
  • Consultancies for electromagnetic compatibility improvement in stage of product development
  • Measurements of antenna parameters: gain, directivity, etc.
  • Measurements of various materials properties: permittivity, shielding effectiveness, absorption, etc.
  • Simulation of microwave propagation in various media and interaction with DUT
  • Modeling of microwave and terahertz electronic components properties
  • Development of high power microwave sensors. 

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