Magnetic Validation

Verification of magnetic field characteristics of permanent magnets

FTMC's Nanostructured Materials and Sensors Laboratory for Functional Materials and Electronics is performing an industrial permanent magnet qualification service.
Various magnetic traps for removing ferromagnetic debris from various foods (dough, dairy products, etc.). These debris can result from wear and tear on various parts. In this case, the traps used are mounted directly in the machining medium and trap ferromagnetic debris as it travels through the surface of the trap. Typical magnetic flux density (magnetic induction) values for such magnets range from 0.06 to 0.9 T (or 0.5 to 9 kG). Magnets become demagnetized over time, reducing their efficiency, so you should check this type of magnet periodically.
Services provided
  • Qualification of permanent magnets by determining the magnetic flux density distribution on the surface of magnets and the space between them.
  • The test uses high precision digital induction meters (475 DSP or 455 DSP) manufactured by LakeShore USA. They can measure magnetic flux density from 1 μT to 3 T with a measurement error of 0.1%.
  • Holo effect-based measuring probes used in meters have a spatial resolution of about 1 mm.

Gaudyklės magnetinio srauto tankio pasiskirstymo matavimai (taškai – matavimo vietos)

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