Plasmonic Drug Testing

New drugs active pharmaceutical ingredient analysis using plasmonic affects (TIRE method)

Spectroscopic ellipsometry enhanced with plasmonic effect is a new method used for advanced monitoring and analysis of proteins interactions at solid-liquid interfaces.
FTMC scientist developed Total Internal Reflection Ellipsometry (TIRE) method has many advantages over widely used traditional surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensors. TIRE combines the analytical power of ellipsometry and enhanced sensitivity due to plasmonic effect. 
  • Ellipsometry allows to measure the phase differences between p- and s-polarizations what gives higher sensitivity that amplitude measurements in traditional SPR biosensors.
  • Two ellipsometric parameters are monitored and analysed simultaneously during the real time measurements instead of only one (signal intensity) for traditional SPR biosensors.
  • Spectroscopic ellipsometry gives possibility to choose most sensitive wavelengths for monitoring of protein interactions.
  • More accurate evaluation of refractive index changes due to spectroscopic measurements.
  • In case, if metal surfaces are not preferable the photonic dielectric nanostructures can be used with excitation of Bloch surface waves for signal enhancement (sensitivity is comparable with plasmonic effect). Better biocompatibility (Titanium oxide, zinc oxide and other surface are used for immobilization of proteins). 
  • The advanced kinetic models for evaluation of association and dissociation constant are used taking into account the features of studied biomolecules.
  • The TIRE method can be applied for studies of ligand-receptor interactions, low molecular weight proteins, antibody-antigen kinetics, drug development and other biomedical applications. 
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