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Battery and accumulators research and testing

Interested in battery reliability or wanting to choose the best batteries? In addition to developing new types of energy storage systems, FTMC conducts a variety of battery tests: 

  1. Characterization and testing of individual battery cells and small-scale batteries (current range 1μA - 4A; voltage range 1mV to 10V).
  2. Characterization and testing of single battery electrodes in various configurations: half-cell, symmetric cell, full-cell in two- and three-electrode setups.
  3. Available methods: capacity determination up to 1000 charge/discharge cycles (galvanostatic chronopotentiometry, potentiostatic chronoamperommetry, constant current, voltage, resistance, power modes with different limitations and accelerations, real-world simulation profiles and algorithms, determination of various I-V characteristics, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy at different states of charge.

Don’t waste your time and money on bad batteries – let us test them!


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