PhD Studies

PhD studies are the third level studies. The aim of PhD studies is to train scientists capable of performing independent scientific research and experimental development as well as be able to solve scientific problems. Moreover, a PhD student must be able to work by himself and have profound knowledge to generate new ideas and apply them in studies and in other areas. After completion of studies, a Doctor is expected to have acquired sufficient competence, the state-of-the-art knowledge, specialized skills required to solve problems in the contemporary research and other fields as well as to expand available know-how and professional abilities.
Joint Doctoral studies at the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology are implemented in cooperation with Lithuanian universities. At present joint doctoral studies with Vilnius University are implemented in the field of nature sciences in the directions of physics (N002, former 02P) and chemistry (N003, former 03P) as well as in the field of Technological sciences in the direction of material engineering (T008, former 08T). The Doctoral studies of the direction, the order of PhD student scientific research, dissertation preparation, defense and granting the doctoral degree are regulated by Regulations of Vilnius University and of the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology. The mentioned three doctoral regulations are announced publicly.