About us

CENTER FOR PHYSICAL SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY (FTMC) is the largest scientific research institution carrying out a unique fundamental research and technological development works in scientific fields of laser technologies, optoelectronics, nuclear physics, organic chemistry, bio and nanotechnologies, electrochemical material science, functional materials, electronics, etc. in Lithuania. In the Center not only the innovative science but also high technologies expedient for business and society needs are developed.

FTMC was established in 2010 by joining institutes of Chemistry, Physics, Semiconductor Physics in Vilnius and Textile institute in Kaunas. Over the recent years the Center combining different science branches has become one of the leading scientific institutions in Lithuania.

OUR MISSION - to generate and capitalize scientific knowledge for the benefit of society and the development of high technologies.

OUR MOTTO - Be inventive. 

OUR VISION - FTMC among the best science and technology organisations.

The main activity of FTMC is to carry out fundamental and applied research as well as experimental investigations in the fields of physics, chemistry and technologies, which are of utmost importance to the state, society and business. We rely on our values - scientific excellence; versatility and flexibility; broad, but balanced spectrum of research; knowledge and mind; effectiveness and networking.
Not only the advanced scientific research and the technological development work are performed in FTMC, but also PhD studies and post-doc fellowships are organized as well as qualified researchers capable of performing an independent high level research and solving scientific problems on their own are trained. The research work is carried out to order of business entities, the methodological, methodical and other assistance is rendered, a versatile expertise is provided as well as scientific consultations are given. FTMC disseminates the scientific knowledge to the public and contributes to the development of innovation-based economy and the knowledge society education.
As FTMC unites the best Lithuanian researchers and it is equipped with the modern laboratory facilities, thus most of the performed scientific investigations are unique not only in Lithuania, but also all over the world, and the developed technologies and the achieved scientific results are known at the international level. 38 habilitated doctors of science, 246 doctors of science, more than 500 researchers and 114 PhD students are working in FTMC. During the time of its activity FTMC carried out more than 300 scientific investigations to order of business entities and contributed to the accomplishment of business goals of more than 100 enterprises.
In the development of new technologies and innovative devices FTMC is closely cooperating with scientists from Germany, France, Great Britain, Scotland, Poland, Taiwan, USA and other countries and is implementing joint European Union and bilateral scientific projects. FTMC and its researchers are members of various international organizations: EPIC (European Photonics Industry Association), OSA (Optical Society of America) and LIA (Laser Institute of America).

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