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Dr. Simona Strazdaitė: Understanding the processes behind neurodegenerative diseases


In May 2020, a prestigious science journal, “Langmuir”, published the unique scientific study of Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) researcher Ph.D. Simona Strazdaitė: "Structure Determination of Hen Egg-White Lysozyme Aggregates Adsorbed to Lipid/Water and Air/Water Interfaces”.

Also, the illustration of this scientific research, created by Simona, was published on the cover of the journal.

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Algirdas Pabedinskas, Žilvinas Ežerinskis

Dr. Žilvinas Ežerinskis and PhD student Algirdas Pabedinskas: We fill in the blank pages of history with facts

or all about radio carbon dating from A to Z


A team of scientists from the FTMC Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, named „VilniusRadiocarbon”, conducts a number of interesting environmental studies in the field of nuclear energy and environmental safety. They also perform the most accurate radioactive carbon dating in the Baltic States using an accelerator mass spectrometer and can detect various objects up to 50,000 years old.

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Aurimas Vyšniauskas

Dr. Aurimas Vyšniauskas: Science is like Treasure Hunt


This August one of the best international journals “Chemistry: A European Journal” published scientific article of PhD Aurimas Vyšniauskas, senior research scientist of the Department of Molecular Compound Physics in the Center for Physical sciences and technology (FTMC). In addition, the illustration of the Article was printed on the cover of this magazine.

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