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2023. 03. 09 -

Dr. S. Ramanavičius receives Polymers Journal award for the best PhD thesis in 2022

Dr. Simonas Ramanavičius, a scientist of the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC), has received international recognition.
Polymers, a bi-monthly journal of polymer science published by the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, recognised his work on the development of new nanomaterials. A researcher from the FTMC Department of Electrochemical Material Science received Polymers 2022 PhD Thesis Award.
The materials formed during the writing of the thesis were divided into two groups. One group is titanium sub-oxides and the other group is MXenes, two-dimensional nanostructures discovered in 2011 that are currently attracting a lot of research attention.
"During my thesis, I was looking for ways to more efficiently shape the nanomaterials I studied, as well as to control the properties of the materials during synthesis for practical applications. I have focused on the application of these nanomaterials in sensors, for example, for the recognition of various gases or drug fragments," says dr. Ramanavičius.
After successfully defending his thesis in 2022, he decided to try his hand at Polymers open competition for PhDs from around the world.
The winner was a Lithuanian.
"This award is quite a big honouring, and for me it is a push forward. It is particularly gratifying to be nominated by a top-tier journal. Such journals are evaluated according to so-called quartiles (Q). Polymers is in the Q1 category, which places it in the top 25% of polymer science journals worldwide.
But I don't particularly celebrate this achievement and I try to do the best I can with my work", smiles FTMC scientist.