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2024. 02. 06 -

FTMC chemist Dr. A. Jagminas awarded the Lithuanian Science Prize!

Dr. Arūnas Jagminas. Photo: Domas Jokubauskis / FTMC

Good news! 

Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (Lietuvos mokslų akademija, LMA) announces the winners of the 2023 Lithuanian Science Prizes.

Dr. Arūnas Jagminas, a researcher at FTMC Department of Electrochemical Material Science, has been awarded the prize in the field of natural sciences. He is honoured for the work carried out at our Center on "Research on the Formation, Characterisation and Applications of In-Demand Nanomaterials (2007-2021)".

Congratulations to our colleague, you make us proud!.

FTMC chemist's research has led to the discovery of electrochemical, thermal or hydrothermal synthesis routes for a variety of metallic, semiconducting and hybrid nanomaterials and their ordered colonies with novel properties. In 2019, Jagminas' work was awarded the LMA nominal Juozas Matulis Prize and the Jim Kaip Medal for the best publication of the year in the field of metal finishing. He has been an expert in nanosciences at the European Commission since 2008 and a member of the EU Committee of Experts since 2020.

For a link to the list of all 2023 laureates (in Lithuanian), please click here.

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