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2024. 04. 12 -

FTMC innovation experts at the Three Seas Initiative event

FTMC innovation managers Dr. Irina Fiodorova, Karolis Stašys and Mantas Skaržinskas. Photo: FTMC
The Three Seas Initiative (3SI) Summit was held in Vilnius on 11 April. The annual international event aims to strengthen multifaceted cooperation between 13 EU Member States allocated between Baltic, Adriatic and Black seas. This year, Lithuania holds the chairmanship of the initiative.
The occasion was also marked by the 3SI Business Forum, which included an exhibition on regional security as part of its programme. The Innovation and Technology Office of FTMC was also present. Our representatives presented dual-purpose technologies and products developed by the Center's researchers for both civilian and military applications.
Demonstrations included bulletproof vests, customizable optical coatings for each laser, innovations in 3D metal printing and palm-sized quantum-cascade lasers.
By the way, these exhibits can be seen by any visitor who stops by the FTMC foyer, Saulėtekio g. 3, Vilnius.
(Product prototypes and technologies demonstrated by FTMC. Photo: FTMC)
"We showed several prototype products and technologies under development at the 3SI exhibition. We are a research institute and we are involved in intellectual activities. So we emphasised to our business partners that our service is R&D, and our product is knowledge," say Dr. Irina Fiodorova and Mantas Skaržinskas, innovation managers at FTMC.
FTMC representatives add that during the exhibition they established many useful contacts with potential collaborators and business partners from the Lithuanian and foreign defence industry.
(FTMC innovation managers Dr. Irina Fiodorova, Karolis Stašys and Mantas Skaržinskas. Photo: FTMC)
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