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2019. 01. 23

A unique device - against the non-healing wounds

Dr. Edita Voitechovič, researcher from the Department of Nanoengineering, has returned to Lithuania and is determined to develop a new field of research. Now she is leading the project "Surface plasmon resonance-based multisensor platform for efficient wound monitoring (WoundSens)", aiming to collect statistically significant information for wound assessment and teatment of non-healing wounds.
The number of people suffering because of non-healing wounds is growing rapidly. Very often such people feel separated socially because of pain and non-aesthetic view. Moreover, the wound care is a multibillion-euro worldwide problem. The fundamental issue is that wound management is subjective and results in inappropriate therapy in the most cases. There is a need of fast, accurate and cost-efficient wound monitoring systems.
Implementation of the present project will provide such a system that eventually will contribute to developing innovative healthcare systems for better wound management. The main project objective is a label-free multisensor platform based on surface plasmon resonanse (SPR) for discrimination between normal healing wounds and chronic ulcers.
The analysis will be enabled by fabricating an array of antibodies (Abs) to specific wound markers from wound exudates. Several SPR techniques will be explored: imaging SPR and localized SPR (LSPR). The latter nanoplasmonic sensor for protein-protein interaction detection will be based on a unique gold nanocup array platform established at the host institution.
It has the potential for achieving the breakthrough in optical immunosensors, significantly simplifying the instrumentation and reducing the costs for monitoring in the clinics. Investigation of the wound markers following multisensor approach will be done also for the first time, revealing the nature of kinetics of Abs interactions with wound markers in complex media derived from human patients. Multivariate analysis will be employed for wound assessment.
WoundSens is a two years scientific project founded by a grant (No. 09-3.3-LMT-K-712-08-0004) from the Research Council of Lithuania. Project begun on 18 of June 2018 and finishes on 18 of June 2020.