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2020. 09. 25 -

Exhibition "Science and Scientists on Coins and Banknotes"

At the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) academician prof. Eugenijus Norkus organised original numismatic exhibition "Science and Scientists on Coins and Banknotes". The exhibition is dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the FTMC.  
Professor E. Norkus - the author and initiator of the exhibition "Science and Scientists on Coins and Banknotes" - works for FTMC as Chief Research Associate and Head of Department of Catalysis, conducting research in the area of Physical Chemistry. He is the full Member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, world famous researcher of the chemical sciences, has been honoured and awarded many prizes for his works, laureat of the Lithuanian National Science Prize (2000 and 2015).
The collecting of coins and banknotes is one of prof. E. Norkus‘ several hobbies from his childhood. The exhibition "Science and Scientists on Coins and Banknotes" is very special and the first such event not only in Lithuania but also, according to prof. E. Norkus, probably in all over the world. The exhibition features there are money from different countries, spent in different periods, depicting the most famous portraits of world-class scientists and important events in various fields of science. The assembled collectables involve physical, life, natural, technological sciences, philosophy and some other objects.
According to prof. E. Norkus, the aim of this numismatic exhibition is to promote science and scientific research, as well as to highlight the image of researchers and inventors, showing that not only kings, presidents or generals can flaunt on coins and banknotes.
During the grand opening of the exhibition, the Professor expressed his wish to donate his collection "Science and Scientists on Coins and Banknotes" to the FTMC on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.
"I am glad that in the FTMC there work such people full of creative impetus as prof. E. Norkus. I thank You for promoting science and making the center even more comfortable and famous on behalf of our center community and all those who appreciate science and the people who create it.” – during the exhibition opening said FTMC director prof. G. Valušis. He awarded the author of the exhibition for his creativity and drive.
Famous scientists, academics, the FTMC community, guests from high education institutions, business enterprises and the professor's relatives gathered for the opening of the exhibition. E. Jovaiša, the Chairman of the Education and Science Committee of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, congratulated the author and thanked for this exceptional event.
Academician J. Banys, President of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, emphasized that the exhibition of prof. E Nork's collection is impressive and has great value in popularizing science.
The author of the exhibition was also congratulated and thanked for the opportunity to see the rare numismatic collection by VU chemists, members of the FTMC Scientific Council, colleagues, the Sunrise Valley community, business partners and politicians.
The exposition is also special that the detailed information about the objects is presented in a modern way: the visitor can read more about scientists, scientific events or objects depicted on the money by scanning the graphic QR code on each coin or banknote.
The money exhibition "Science and Scientists on Coins and Banknotes will be demonstrated at the FTMC until 31 December, 2020.
Photos: Albertas Malinauskas