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2023. 05. 31 -

Physicist Rokas Gegevičius becomes a PhD in Natural Sciences

Dr. Rokas Gegevičius. Photo: FTMC
We have a new PhD!
Rokas Gegevičius, a researcher at FTMC Department of Molecular Compound, has defended his thesis on "Charge Carrier Transport in Hybrid Perovskites". Scientific supervisor - Dr. Marius Franckevičius.
They are interested in perovskites, minerals that are currently being used worldwide to develop the next-generation solar cells and light devices.
So-called hybrid perovskite solar cells are relatively inexpensive to produce, lightweight and flexible, and the best laboratory models have already matched the performance (>25%) of the most popular silicon solar cells.
However, according to the author of the thesis, their practical application is still not possible due to a number of problems in this area. One of them is the poor stability of the materials, in particular due to the movement of ions in the perovskites. These crystals have a particular arrangement of atoms, ions or molecules from which perovskite elements can move.
"This was one of the first such works in the world. The thesis as a whole leads to one fundamental conclusion: to analyse perovskites, we have to take into account their ionic motion," says the new PhD.
The members of the Dissertation Defence Panel stressed that R. Gegevičius’ work is a significant contribution to the study of perovskites and will open up new avenues for researchers from all over the world. The audience joked that Rokas' work would be enough for two dissertations at once, as he and his colleagues have published 15 scientific publications on the subject, including two articles, of which the new PhD is the main author.
Congratulations to our colleague, good luck and be full of inspiration!
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