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2024. 01. 26 -

Dr. V. Cėpla awarded for his merits in Kyokushin Karate

(Dr. Vytautas Cėpla. Photo: Edvinas Ivanovas / Lithuanian Kyokushin Karate Federation)
On Saturday, 20 January, the Lithuanian Kyokushin Karate Federation celebration Kagami Biraki took place in Kaunas, where the best athletes, coaches and event organisers of the 2023 were honoured. According to the Federation, the event also thanked famous athletes who have recently finished their careers.
One of them is Dr. Vytautas Cėpla, a multiple Lithuanian champion, World and European medallist, scientist of the Department of Nanoengineering at FTMC.
We are proud of our colleague!
He has been actively involved in this sport for 21 years and retired in 2019. Vytautas' club is "Saulės ženklas" and he was trained by karate masters Paulius Klapatauskas and Valius Rudys.
V. Cėpla's achievements:
2017 KWU World Championship, 3rd place;
2013, 2014 European Championship, 2nd place;
2014 European Championship, 3rd place in the openweight category;
2017, 2019 European Championships, 3rd place;
2014, 2015, 2018 Lithuanian Champion.
(Dr. Vytautas Cėpla. Photo: Edvinas Ivanovas / Lithuanian Kyokushin Karate Federation)
"All these years have been like a journey for me, a growth. You start from small steps - first training, children's competitions. You see that you're doing well, you like it, you keep working. When you lose, you draw conclusions, you train harder, you try to overcome the challenges. All this leads to the final result," Vytautas recalls his journey as a karate athlete.
He adds that Kyokushin has given him many values that have been useful not only in sport, but also in life and science.
"It instilled a desire for goals, self-control, patience, not giving up. And the pursuit of perfection, because you realise that your path is never ending, especially when you fail, it gives you a thrill, a challenge - let's try, what if I do more?
Working as a scientist, there are also often uncertainties, experiments may fail - the next day you start from the beginning, you look at where you made mistakes and try to correct them, you look for ways to solve the problem," says V. Cėpla.
Today, he is a researcher at FTMC, studying cells and their properties on different surfaces.
FTMC and Lithuanian Kyokushin Karate Federation information
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