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2023. 10. 23 -

A small sport celebration: the first FTMC Fall Cross Country took place!

A moment from the Fall Cross. Photo: FTMC

20 October The first FTMC Fall Cross was held in Vilnius, Aukštagiris Forest. More than 90 of our employees from different scientific departments gathered in the chilly afternoon to run 1, 3, 5 and 10 km distances through the forest trails. 

Thanks to our active colleagues and all the event volunteers!

Participants received a branded T-shirt with the FTMC slogan "Be creative!" So the next time you see a runner wearing one of these white T-shirts at a sporting event, you'll know it's one of us!

(A moment from FTMC Fall Cross. Photo: FTMC)

Not only sport, but also hot tea and stew kept colleagues warm.

We plan to make this Fall Cross just the first of many: we'll be out in the fresh air in winter and spring. In the future, we hope to grow this sports festival into an open competition, inviting not only FTMC staff but also colleagues from other scientific institutions.

(Our chemists from the Department of Catalysis. Photo: FTMC)

We care not only about high scientific results, but also about the psychological and physical well-being of FTMC researchers. When both mind and body are working, our daily routine changes for the better - as a wide range of scientific studies have repeatedly shown. That's why we want to promote an active lifestyle, strengthen friendships and set a good example for others.

(Colour-coded distance marking (which was removed after the event :) Photo: FTMC)

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