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2017. 10. 24

Results of the EuroNanomed2

Results of the EuroNanomed2 program project have attracted attention of the specialized clinical activity portal
October 24, 2017
The results of the proceeding REGENERATE project, in which the FTMC Nanoengineering department scientific group (leader Dr. Ramūnas Valiokas) is one of the partners, were reviewed in the specialized portal intended for the thorough clinical activity information. The Consortium of researchers of this project is engaged in developing the innovative regeneration medical and tissue engineering method for the treatment of deficiency of the human eye cornea stem cells by combining the knowledge of medicine, biology, material engineering and nanotechnology.
At the European cataract and eyesight correctional surgery therapist association conference in Lisbon in 2017 the project was presented by Michel Haagdorens, the therapist and researcher of the coordinating group from Cell therapy and regeneration medical center at Antwerp academic hospital. In this ES ERA-NET program EuroNanoMed2 consortium other partners also take part:  Jerusalem Hebraic university (Israel), Linköping University (Sweden) as well as bioengineering plants Ferentis (Lithuania) and CollPlant Ltd (Israel). By collaborating the partners have developed and thoroughly investigated I and III type recombination human collagen and synthetic bio-imitational hydrogel sheets intended for the use as carriers for the cornea epithelium stem cells. Such hydrogel systems, additionally supported by micro- and nano-topographies, could be applied as an artificial substitute of presently used carriers and human amniotic membranes.