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2023. 06. 02 -

FTMC team's invention is the 7000th in Lithuania

PhD student Vladislovas Čižas. Photo: FTMC
An invention developed by a team from the Department of Optoelectronics at FTMC - a device for generating and amplifying electromagnetic waves using quantum superlattices - is the "jubilee" in Lithuania. The State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania announces that the patent application filed for this invention is the 7000th on the Bureau's list.
This was mentioned at an event on 2 June, when one of the authors of the invention, Vladislovas Čižas, a PhD student at FTMC, received a symbolic award - a voice picture created by the Lithuanian company Aqua Lingua. It transforms a short audio recording into a painting.
Quantum superlattices are significant because they serve as a source or "amplifier" for electromagnetic waves. In some cases, this invention can produce a signal up to a thousand times stronger than normal! And the more powerful the signal, the better the quality of the research.
(Square quantum superlattices and a human hair on the right. Photo: Vladislovas Čižas / FTMC)
Important news for inventors
The main topic of the State Patent Bureau event, and the one that received the most attention today, is the entry into force of the European patent with unitary effect (or unitary patent) in 17 countries of the European Union (including Lithuania) as of 1 June.
What does this mean? Until now, in order to register your invention in EU country, you had to apply separately to the patent office of that country. This was time-consuming and costly. But from 1 June, the procedure is simpler: you can get a unitary patent at low cost, which is equally valid in all EU countries that have adopted the new system.
The European Patent Office hopes that this will make the system more accessible, effectively support the growth of inventions and innovation, help tackle various international problems (such as pandemics, etc.) more efficiently, and boost economic growth.
It also highlights the fact that disputes relating to these patents will not be settled in national courts, but in a single specialised international court - the Unified Patent Court. The unified patent litigation should therefore contribute to legal certainty, uniformity of practice and reduce patent litigation costs.
FTMC and The State Patent Bureau ofthe Republic of Lithuania information
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