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2020. 10. 09 -

A new Lithuanian textbook on Quantum Physics

Just recently, Vilnius University Press has published a new textbook “Quantum Physics” for undergraduate and graduate students studying life sciences.
The authors of this textbook are well-known scientists working in the field of light-induced quantum transport phenomena in the molecular aggregates: Jevgenij Chmeliov, senior researcher at the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) and associate professor at Vilnius University (VU), Vytautas Butkus, R&D engineer at “Light Conversion”, and Leonas Valkūnas, leading researcher at FTMC and professor emeritus of VU.
The book culminated authors’ many-year experience of teaching Lithuanian students the course of quantum mechanics and presenting the complex material in a clear and comprehensible way. On its more than 600 pages, the textbook covers both the basic concepts of quantum mechanics and its application in many fields, from the matter–light interaction to the formation of chemical bonds. The multitude of the solved examples makes the new material simpler to learn, while the presence of many problems available at the end of each chapter provides a perfect opportunity to consolidate the learned skills as well deepen the understanding of the quantum world by studying some additional phenomena not covered in the main text. Therefore authors believe that this book will become a valuable tool for the students studying quantum physics and a helpful reference book for the scientists doing their research in the related field.
Soon, the book will be available in the Vilnius University Library and in the major bookstores.
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