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2019. 10. 08

Visit of the Deputy Director General of the WTO

On October 4th, Deputy Director General at World Trade Organization (WTO) Xiaozhun Yi and Chen Lin, Head of Commerce, Embassy of China visited the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC).
Donatas Tamulaitis, Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva, guests from Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Greta Senavaitytė and Giedrius Lingė also attended the meeting.
FTMC director prof. Gintaras Valušis made the presentation for guests about the FTMC scientific researches, high-tech creation, development processes. About ongoing FTMC projects, their significance for state development, achievements of science and business synergies in Lithuania and international markets.
“The FTMC's greatest assets are more than the modern equipment. Our strength lies in the knowledge, so-called "know-how", top-level scientists whose activities are highly ranked in the world's scientific communities. Creative, enterprising and courageous people, international projects with colleagues from all over the world, continuous innovation, technology development and desire to become perfect. This gives FTMC the opportunity to be a leader not only in laser, but also in other fields of physical sciences and high technology.” - said FTMC director G. Valušis.
A short excursion to the FTMC's Terahertz photonics and Microwave laboratories followed the meeting.
Xiaozhun Yi, the Deputy Director-General of the WTO, was very interested in the scientific research and development of laser technologies and other activities at FTMC. The guests were actively interested in the present and potential abroad projects and application of technologies developed by FTMC, called the largest state research center in the Baltic States.
“We are delighted to visit the FTMC, which we can safely call a highest quality scientific research and innovation development center. Scientists and technology creators in FTMC are talents that your country should be proud of, ” - said the Deputy Director-General of the WTO.
After the visit, Xiaozhun Yi, Deputy Director-General of the WTO, was the keynote speaker at the international conference „Shaping the Future of Trade”, which was organized by Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Lithuania in Vilnius this weekend.