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2020. 08. 17 -

PhD student position in a MSCA Innovative Training Network project

We are glad to announce the MCSA doctoral student position at FTMC in the theme "Diffractive optics integration with THz detectors and emitters".
The goal of this PhD project is to research and develop high efficiency diffractive lenses in order to replace refractive optics used with THz detectors and emitters. The silicon-based multi-level phase-correcting Fresnel lenses including antireflective structures as well as the free-standing-film Soret zone plate lenses will be investigated in the frequency range of 0.3-4.7 THz.
You will investigate the diffractive optics together with lenses, filters, anti-reflective and phase array structures for novel THz detectors and THz sources. You will use unique spectroscopic THz imaging and microscopy tools that our department has recently developed. You will work with cutting-edge THz detectors and emitters with laser-processed diffractive optics and join a young and innovative team of experienced researchers and technicians.

More details can be found here.