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2024. 01. 17 -

Lithuanian participation in European Partnership on Metrology

Prof. Erkki Ikonen. Photo: Aalto University
We invite you to the seminar where an expert from Finland, Prof. Erkki Ikonen (Aalto University), will advise you on how to engage more effectively in European Partnership of Metrology.
Lithuania is a new participant in EURAMET’s Metrology Research Programmes. The ongoing European Partnership on Metrology programme is half-way as 2024 is the fourth call year. Simultaneously preparation of the next metrology programme for 2028-2034 has started. One of the key requirements for the next programme could be that there is wider participation of EU member countries than in the ongoing Partnership programme.
It would thus be of EURAMET’s interest that Lithuania would actively participate in the remaining Partnership calls and also join in the next programme. The call cycle starts each year with submission of Proposed Research Topics (PRT) in February. About half of the PRTs will be transformed to Selected Research Topics (SRT) whose titles will be communicated to NMIs in April. Proposals against SRTs will then be prepared by the consortia before beginning of October.
It would be beneficial for Lithuanian organizations, if their researchers would be co-authors already in the PRTs, but it is also possible to join the consortia after the SRTs are known. Procedures to support participation in PRTs and submitted proposals will be discussed.
Date and time: 2023-01-17, 13:30
Location: FTMC room D401, Saulėtekio al. 3

Meeting ID: 381 470 124 036

Passcode: K5P9dG