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2018. 04. 16

The Research Council of Lithuania seeks to consolidate country‘s researchers groups

The Research Council of Lithuania launches a call for proposals to attract internationally recognized researchers to consolidate researchers’ groups in Lithuania
The Research Council of Lithuania launches the program for attracting researchers to Lithuania and announced a call for proposals to carry out research in the SMART specialization areas which would be led by high level foreign researchers as well as Lithuanian researchers working in other developed countries.
According to the Chairman of the Research Council of Lithuania Prof. Dainius H. Pauža, the scientific relationships among Lithuanian and internationally recognized researchers is considered pertinent for the purpose of harnessing scientific interests and development in the country. 
Developed research infrastructures built over the years portrays a principle foundation that it's ready to attract the best scientists which would help create a promising and result oriented research group in Lithuania.
Importance is also to help them gain more experience on how to implement advanced research methods or practices to achieving significant scientific results.
The program is funded by European Union and state budget funds under the activity ‘Attracting Foreign Researchers for Research Implementation’ (Brain Gain and Reintegration (SMART). Maximum budget of one project – EUR 1 million. Funding is dedicated for the researchers group to implement the project for 4 years to gain high scientific production results and commercialization. It is designed to involve young researchers in the project as well. Funding is planned for research activities, salaries of members of research group and business visits, as well as to cover researchers’ expenses to move to Lithuania from their residential country.
Program was initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania and the Research Council of Lithuania. Coordinator – the Research Council of Lithuania.
Deadline for proposals for Brain Gain and Reintegration (SMART) is 28 May 2018. More information is announced at the Research Council of Lithuania web site.
This call for proposals is the first stage for attracting researchers to Lithuania. It is planned to announce a call for proposals for attracting high international level professors from foreign countries.
For more information Egle Miltakiene, +370 604 76 394,
The Research Council of Lithuania