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2019. 05. 14

Conference "Chemistry and Chemical Technology" CCT-2019

Annual conference of Lithuanian chemists “Chemistry and Chemical Technology" (CCT-2019) will be held on May 16, 2019 in Vilnius at the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (Gedimino pr. 3).
The conference is organized by Vilnius University (Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences) together with Kaunas University of Technology and the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology.
Invited Speakers
  • Prof. Ismail Hakki Boyaci (Raman and SERS-based detection of Gene and Microorganisms)
  • Prof. Fabio Marchetti (Novel composite materials for antimicrobial applications)
  • Prof. dr. Zineb Mekhalif (Electrochemistry and Surface Chemistry: a powerful combination for nanotechnology)
  • Dr. Magdalena Oćwieja (Noble metal nanoparticle layers of tunable coverage, structure and charge)
  • Prof. Sheng-Tung Huang (Design Strategies and Applications of Self-Immolative Chemical Probes for Biosensing)
Conference Sections
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemstry
  • Applied Chemistry

Scientific Conference Committee

  • Prof. (HP) dr. Almira Ramanavičienė / Vilnius VU
  • Prof. (HP) dr. Aldona Beganskienė / Vilnius VU
  • Prof. habil. dr. Aivaras Kareiva / Vilnius VU
  • Prof. dr. Eugenijus Valatka / Kaunas KTU
  • Prof. dr. Kęstutis Baltakys / Kaunas KTU
  • Prof. habil. dr. Juozas Vidas Gražulevičius / Kaunas KTU
  • Prof. habil. dr. Rimantas Ramanauskas / Vilnius CPST
  • Dr. Svajus Asadauskas / Vilnius CPST
  • Dr. Asta Kaušaitė-Minkštimienė / Vilnius VU
  • Dr. Lina Mikoliunaitė / Vilnius VU